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Solar panels offer a range of unique benefits that have made them increasingly popular over the years. With more and more people adopting at least partially renewable energy systems, it can be very tempting to get some of your own installed as well.

As the most well-known way to generate electricity that is fully renewable, most people have heard of solar panels before. With over 4,000 panels installed in Yeovil each month, the demand for even more systems has given each household a huge range of options – both for the panels themselves and the solar panel installers helping to set them up.

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We are a team of experienced and well-equipped solar panel installers with a passion for our work. We understand how to install even the most complex solar PV setup, and our expertise has helped countless past clients get a system worthy of their homes.

Our experts can install a range of solar panel options to suit each situation, offering whatever kind of larger-scale solar panel system you want. With so many designs to choose from, we can help guide you through the PV systems we have available or construct an entirely bespoke design to suit your home specifically.

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Why Choose Us?

As accredited commercial and residential solar panel installers, we have worked with a huge range of past customers and clients to deliver personalised and bespoke systems. Our work has covered a huge variety of different locations and situations, each tailored to whatever the client needed most.

Our specialists are fully licensed and registered to carry out solar panel installation. Each member of our team is fully trained on solar panel systems, as well as the processes and tools needed to install any type of system quickly. Whatever kind of setup you are looking for, we can provide it.

Solar PV System

We have also earned company-wide certifications from major groups and organisations like Constructionline and CHAS. Our work with these systems has earned us a lot of professional support, as well as stronger relationships with other companies in the same field. We also follow the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and other related regulatory bodies.

Our team boasts over 10 years of experience installing solar PV systems, as well as a range of other renewable energy systems. We know what we are doing, and each one of our specialists understands how to approach a bespoke project with a specific goal in mind.

Our Solar Panel Installers in Yeovil

Not only that, but we know how to keep our costs low. Our great relationships with suppliers in the solar industry ensure that we can offer low-cost, clean, effective solar energy systems to every one of our clients.

Our company has a high average rating in terms of reviews, with each review piling up into an average rating higher than those of our competition. Whether you trust the average rating of reviews or not, it still means a lot that our total average rating has been bumped so high by a whole host of satisfied customers.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panel systems use a solar energy cell array to convert sunlight into renewable energy. The amount of sunlight hitting the panel changes how much energy the unit generates, so careful placement is important.

A solar energy panel generates this energy as Direct Current electricity, which requires an inverter to switch to Alternating Current. This AC electricity produced by the system is the same kind of electricity used by most household appliances and installations.

Types of Solar Panels We Offer

There are many different types of solar panel system available in Yeovil, and our experts can handle the installation of all of them.

Differences in design, technology and overall construction mean that not all systems are suited for each situation. Some may only suit a particular type of roof or may require more maintenance than others. It is important to choose a solar electricity system that suits your needs properly.

We can guide you through the process of choosing a new solar PV system and finding the right options for your needs. Contact our specialists if you need help finding a solar panel design for your home.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panel systems use wafers of single-crystal silicon. These are expensive but also very efficient, often reaching 25% efficiency and lasting for up to 50 years.

This makes them one of the most costly sources of solar green electricity, but only during the initial construction. The excess electricity produced can easily pay for the unit over time, either by producing more solar energy to reduce your energy bills or because you are selling the power to the national grid.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar products have a unique design and are much more affordable than monocrystalline options. Less wasted silicon in the design makes them cheaper overall, but this comes at the cost of some efficiency.

At around 15% efficiency and with a lifespan of around 40 years on average, these are slightly less effective. However, the lower cost makes them more accessible to customers on a budget.

Thin Film Solar Panels

Thin film systems use thin layers of photovoltaic material instead of the usual panel designs, meaning that they have far less efficiency – around 13% at the highest. However, they are also some of the most attractive and flexible panel systems on the market, making them popular for homeowners who care about aesthetics.

While they tend to only last about 20 years, these panels are highly flexible in a literal sense. They can be bent around corners or curves and installed on almost any section of the roof, making them more practical for homes where there is not a flat roof exposed to sunlight throughout most of the day.

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Is My Home Suitable for Solar PV Panels?

Having to find solar panel installers can be a tough job, but you always want to be sure that your home can even support a solar panel system beforehand. Your home needs to meet certain general requirements for systems to be effective and functional there.

In most cases, this comes down to your house roof. You want systems to be installed on a section of the roof where it gets the maximum possible amount of sunlight, but that means finding the right installation locations for each new panel.

There are very few situations where a house is completely unstable for energy systems like this. We can help prepare your home roof for solar panel installation if you do not have the right amount of space for the systems you are looking for.

Which type of Solar Panel is Best for you?

All three types of solar panels in Somerset offer unique advantages and disadvantages, but it is best to look at the smaller details instead of obsessing over the technical side of these systems. Every solar PV system is designed differently, so there is no pre-set structure to follow.

In terms of cost, a thin film panel is the cheapest, offering the lowest cost of any solar energy option. This makes it the better option if you have a very tight budget that you need to follow. The attractive design also makes it popular among homeowners with a focus on visuals.

However, a monocrystalline solar panel can provide far more energy, meaning that these are the more practical choice for any situation where you require raw energy above everything else. Unfortunately, they also tend to be ugly, so not everybody likes how they look.

Polycrystalline panels are the most balanced option, providing a good amount of green energy for an affordable price. Most homes in Yeovil that use solar systems choose these panels for this exact reason.

Solar Panel Costs Yeovil

The cost of solar panel installation work depends heavily on what you are getting, as well as how many solar PV panels you are using. A typical two-panel setup will cost around £5,420 in total, which includes all of the wiring work and additional hardware like the inverter.

However, some panels are more expensive than others, so a single panel could cost anything from £2,000 or less to over £7,000 or more. The installation plays a part in these costs – the more complex your renewable energy system is, and the harder it will be to install, the higher the installation costs can climb.

We can help you keep track of the costs associated with your renewable energy ideas, guiding you towards an option that fits with your budget. Choosing the most cost-effective option requires a lot more than just looking at prices; but also considering energy output, the energy demands of your house, and how long the project will take.

Where Are Solar Panels Installed?

Solar panel technology can be installed in a range of locations and structures, including:

Yeovil Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial businesses can use solar systems to compensate for their high electricity bills. Renewable energy effectively costs nothing to generate once your system is installed, so decent battery storage and good panels can support a business for years, all for free.

With even a single solar panel, companies can reduce how much they pay for grid electricity, but solar also provides a way of combating climate change. Many businesses move to a solar heating system for this reason – either as a PR move or genuine concern over fossil fuel use.

Yeovil Domestic Solar Panel Installation

Domestic homes are some of the best places for solar installation. Solar can combat rising energy costs, give you more power than just the national grid electricity in case of an emergency, and can allow you to generate electricity on your own terms.

Renewable energy opens up a lot of options. Many people start their solar journey by tying their power into the heating system, letting the hot water tank create hot water through electricity that they generate themselves. Once you can create your own energy, you can make your home slightly more independent.

These systems can be installed in a huge range of locations and properties – although the project will obviously change to match the purpose of the new installation. Some common places to see systems include:

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Solar Panel Installation Process

Installing a solar panel is not as complex as you might think, but it needs to be carried out in a very specific way. Solar panel companies try to make installation easy, but even local solar panel installers like us can take a while to perfect each installation since every client’s property is different.

As professional solar panel installers in Yeovil, we follow a strict installation process to minimise errors and faults:

  1. Construct scaffolding. Temporary scaffolding allows our trained solar panel installers to work in a raised area comfortably, making solar panel installation on a roof much safer.
  2. Add the mounts. Our installers attack the mounts first, which the panels then attach to. These mounts are an important part of the installation process and prevent the energy system from breaking or falling apart easily.
  3. Set up the panels. Solar panel installation is fairly quick, but you need to be experienced solar panel installers to get the job done correctly. Unlicensed solar panel installers have a higher chance of placing the panels in energy-inefficient locations or causing damage to the solar PV mounts themselves.
  4. Connect the wiring. Our solar panel installer experts know how to create safe wiring structures for your energy and battery storage systems. Even renewable energy technologies need to be wired up correctly – poor wiring can risk damaging the entire battery storage unit or the system as a whole.
  5. Add the inverter. Without an inverter, a system can’t generate the right type of electricity to use in most households or business properties. Our solar panel installers can add an electricity inverter in a non-intrusive place.
  6. Add a battery. Battery storage systems are important for retaining electricity when you are not actively using them, but they are also a major part of any energy system. Your house’s internal grid often needs a battery to store energy short-term, acting as a buffer to protect sensitive appliances instead of dumping energy into them directly.
  7. Connect the system to the consumer unit. Customers’ consumer units are the heart of their home’s energy grid, so we generally need to connect these systems to the wider power network as a whole.

Solar Panel Benefits

Solar panels have a huge range of benefits. Their recent popularity has not come from anywhere, and many people are switching to using panels in their homes for a whole variety of different reasons.

Reduces Electricity Costs

Naturally, panel and solar thermal systems can save you money in multiple different ways. They supplement your electricity, power your heating, generate surplus electricity that you can sell, and can even be used alongside hot water tanks to prepare hot water. All of this happens for free, at least after the initial setup cost.

Because of this, many Yeovil people use at least a couple of panels alongside another power supply. The money saved by a single panel can easily add up over the years, either by reduced energy bills or because you are selling power back to the UK government.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

A lower carbon footprint is always nice. Given that climate change is a very real threat, many people use solar for heating or other simple needs as a way to do their part for the environment.

This method is clean, making solar PV panels an incredibly useful tool if you care about reducing your pollution output. This might matter even more in conservation areas or rural spaces where nature is much more prominent and important.

Easy to Install

It is not hard to find Yeovil solar panel installers like us that can get the job done quickly, and you do not need to be the best solar panel installer to construct most units within a week. Our experienced solar panel installers can take advantage of how easy system installation is, getting the work done in record time.

This also allows for far more flexibility with solar thermal systems. Well-trained solar panel installers like ours can easily attach some new units to your home as quick and professional energy solutions, providing a way to generate your own electricity within only a couple of working days.

Renewable Energy Source

Renewable energy is important. Climate change aside, the best solar panel installers know that the value of these systems comes in the renewable aspect. You are making your own power from scratch without needing any kind of fuel, and that sustainability can be invaluable to a lot of people.

Solar Panel Disadvantages

While Yeovil panel systems are incredibly powerful, their services sometimes have downsides. Being aware of the disadvantages of these systems is important to make proper use of them.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of solar panel installation can be quite high, no matter the solar company or solar panel installers you choose. While these panels eventually pay for themselves, you still need to make that first step and pay a solar panel installer, which can eat into your immediate budget quite quickly.

Weather Dependant

These systems need good weather to generate electricity, and that means that bad weather reduces their effectiveness. While most systems will work even with low sunlight levels, you are not going to get consistent power generation each day since the weather is your energy source.

Takes up More Space

Depending on the system you choose, your options are going to take up quite a lot of space. You need to think carefully about where you place them, especially since only some areas are going to offer a decent level of generation. Talk with our solar panel installers if you need guidance.

Solar Panels vs Heat Pumps

Both air source heat pump and ground source heat pump systems are very good at providing heating in Yeovil, but they can still struggle compared to a solar thermal setup. Solar options are simply more flexible – an air source heat pump can only offer heating, whereas solar can fit a range of roles.

Even if you are using them both just for heating, renewable systems also allow the energy to be stored in a battery storage unit. This means that you can access surplus energy at any time, rather than only taking in heat when there is heat outside to draw in – something an air source heat pump relies on quite heavily.

Solar Panels vs Generators

Generators require fuel to run, which often makes them less budget-effective in the long run. While solar can be more expensive, to begin with, it has no real running costs other than maintenance, making it a cheaper long-term option in general.

Solar Panels vs Electricity

Taking electricity straight from the grid is a simple option, but energy costs can rise unexpectedly. Our expert local solar panel installers can help you create a setup that lowers your bills by contributing electricity to your existing system, even if solar does not completely replace the normal grid.

Solar Panels Vs Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are impractical in all but the largest spaces, making solar a much simpler option. Most turbines are expensive, huge, hard to maintain and almost impossible to get without being part of the government in the first place.

Solar panels Vs Gas Boilers

Gas boilers, like generators, rely on fuel. This alone makes them more expensive and less “fire and forget” whereas solar will work perfectly uninterrupted for as long as it gets sunlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The more you know about these systems, the better. Our Yeovil solar panel installers can explain certain details, but you do not want to distract solar panel installers while they are busy setting up your new systems.

What are solar panels made out of?

A panel uses a range of solar cells made of silicon, which absorb light and turn it into energy. Our local solar panel installers can break down the specifics of what they are installing, and you can contact our expert solar panel installer teams to learn more about specific designs.

What can solar panels be used for in the home?

Panels can be used for a range of different situations, but they always come back to the same basic idea – generating electricity. Whether you are charging a Tesla Powerwall or keeping a few lights on, these units can suit your needs perfectly.

Do you Need Planning Permission for Solar Panels?

Most units fall under permitted development rights, meaning that our solar panel installers can set them up without needing planning permission. However, your solar panel installers will need permission if a panel changes the shape of a building, such as rising up at an angle on top of a flat-roofed property.

Listed buildings and conservation areas also require planning permission, regardless of how intrusive the units would be.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Our solar panel installers can have a panel in place within about two days. A large portion of this comes from constructing the scaffolding and wiring up the completed system, so the actual installation time is very low.

How much does it cost to Maintain Solar Panels?

Maintenance services are not needed that often with these units. Most units take about £100 a year to maintain, but these maintenance services are only really required every few years, if not less.

A lot of the basic maintenance is not even something you need outside services to do – cleaning the surfaces, for example. However, Yeovil companies like ours can offer repair and maintenance services as needed, so do not hesitate to talk to our solar panel installers.


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  2. Q-Cells
  3. LONGi Solar
  4. Canadian Solar
  5. SunPower
  6. Jinko Solar
  7. JA Solar
  8. REC Solar
  9. Trina Solar
  10.   Panasonic

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

A system needs to follow some specific safety standards, and a great company like ours knows how to approach these issues throughout its services. They need to:


As one of the many professional solar panel companies on the market in Yeovil, we can offer a range of experienced installers that can provide our company services to a high standard of quality. Whether we are creating an alternative to your existing heating services or just supplementing your normal mains connection, our company experts know what they are doing.

No matter how much money you have got in your budget or what community groups you need to satisfy with the new panel system, we have a huge range of company experts on hand to help. We aim to surpass the average rating of quality that the industry has settled into.

If you are looking for a renewable power system, contact us and tell us what kind of services you need the most.

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